Bethlehem Hope

Bethlehem Hope is an unstructured group.  If you would like to express your interest in becoming involved, please contact us today.

Bethlehem Bible College

Bethlehem Bible College is a Christian college located in Bethlehem, the very site where Jesus was born. Located within the territory of the West Bank, the local community is highly impacted by today’s political unrest and conflict.

It is from the very epicenter of Christianity, that the Christian community is slowly decreasing. Before 1948 the Christian community was roughly 8% of the community in the Holy Land.  Today, the Christian population is a less than 1.5% of the Palestinian community, as many Christians are emigrating from the difficult political situation to better opportunities for education, work, and their families abroad.

Bethlehem Bible College was founded in 1979 by local Arabs, to offer high-quality theological education and train Christian leaders for service in the local church and the local community.  It aims to strengthen and revive the Christian church and support the local Christians in the Holy land, in order to combat this growing Christian exodus.

Bethlehem Bible College began with 9 students and all international missionary teachers.  Today, President Rev. Jack Sara, with the help of our Board of Directors, heads a team of highly qualified faculty and staff from the local community. Every year we serve roughly 125 students and over the years have graduated over 300 alumni who now serve the local Palestinian community.

Bethlehem Bible College began to serve the local community in Bethlehem.  Over the years, we became the location for students from throughout the West Bank. With the growth of our ministry, our vision to provide Christian education has expanded from Bethlehem throughout the Holy Land to the Galilee and Gaza.

For further information, visit the Bethlehem Bible College website